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Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project

Project Sponsors: US EPA, Cal/EPA Department of Toxic Substance Control, Santa Clara County Pollution Prevention Program, City of Richmond, and Local Government Commission

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Fact Sheets

The Janitorial Products P2 Project (“JP4”) is producing a series of fact sheets on environmental, health, and safety issues. The fact sheets are meant for individual janitorial workers, supervisors, and EH&S staff.


Toilet Cleaning

Hard Floor Care

Carpet Care

Restroom Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

Metal Cleaning



Limpieza Segura Y Efectiva Para Los Inodoros

Muchos limpiadores para los inodoros o tazas del baño tienen ácido y otros químicos que son dañinos. Use el producto más suave que encuentre y siempre use guantes para protegerse.


The following links are to documents that can aid in evaluating the hazards of janitorial products.

Cleaning Product Risk Evaluation - Ingredient Data
Information on risks associated with nearly 100 ingredients commonly found in janitorial products.

Finding Chemical Data
Pages you can visit to find information about ingredients found in janitorial products.

High Risk Products
Use this checklist to see if you are using common high-risk products.

Product Risk Evaluation Form
A simple form you can use to note what you find out about a product as you read its MSDS and other literature.

Product Test Evaluation Form
Use this form to get feedback on new products that your janitors are trying out.

Risk Evaluation Criteria
Screening criteria you can use to evaluate risks to human health and the environment.

Site Survey Form
Questions you can ask to find out what janitorial products a site uses, and how aware people are of the risks involved.


The Janitorial Products P2 Project ("JP4") is producing a series of commentaries on environmental, health, and safety issues. The commentaries are generally intended for supervisors, EH&S advisors, and agency P2 staff.

The following commentaries are available:

Adding Labels to Your Containers

Buying Environmentally Preferable Products
Ideas for setting up an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program

City of San Jose Case Study

Conducting Effective Product Trials
Tips and information on how to test new products.

How Often Are Janitors Injured?
What chemical injuries do your janitors experience?

Minimizing Use of Janitorial Products

Polaris Building Maintenance, Inc.
Clean Up Your Janitorial Products

Richmond Janitorial
Chemicals Project
(PowerPoint Presentation)
Presented at Granlibakken Household Hazardous Waste Conference May 19, 1999

Safe Storage and Mixing

Selecting Protective Equipment
Always wear gloves and goggles!

Stanford University Housing Case Study

What's Needed Next
Three things the janitorial professional needs.

Related Sites

Cape Cod National Seashore
The National Park Service is changing to environmentally preferable janitorial products

City of Austin
Green Buildings Project

Guidelines for Green Building
Housekeeping and Maintenance

Careful chemical selection and use can pay off in safety for workers and the environment.
Summary: New EPA compliance initiatives and increased concern over the effects of chemicals on workers, indoor air quality and the environment are leading many cleaning and facility managers to re-evaluate their use of chemicals.

By Robin Wood, News Editor and Chris Sanford, Managing Editor, Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine

King County, Washington
Environmental Purchasing Program

County policy to purchase products manufactured with recycled and environmentally preferable products.

City of Saint Paul
"Green" Cleaners Get The Job Done

City of Santa Monica
Custodial Products Bid Specifications
EPA Case Study (pdf)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Purchasing Specifications and Product Evaluations
EPA Case Study (pdf)

OSHA Label Requirements
OSHA requirements for janitorial product labels are listed in this abstract taken from 29CFR 1910.1200 (f).

OSHA MSDS Requirements
OSHA requirements for what a MSDS must contain are listed in this abstract from 29CFR 1910.1200 (g).

State of Minnesota
"Minnesota adds environmental requirements to the state cleaning supplies contract."

US Department of Interior Turns to Green Cleaners
In November 1998 the Department of Interior embarked on a quest to initiate a contract for custodial services using environmentally preferable cleaning products and supplies.

US EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

Washington Dept. of Ecology
Specifications developed by the State of Washington for purchasing environmentally friendly janitorial products

Permission is granted to freely copy, distribute, and use these materials provided that JP4 and the authors are credited.

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Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project - Sponsored by US EPA, State of California, Santa Clara County, the City of Richmond, and the Local Government Commission. Written by Thomas Barron, Carol Berg, and Linda Bookman.

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