Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!
Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!
Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!
Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!
Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!
Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!
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Home Starter Kit - Buy 4, Get 1 Free!

$20.00 $25.00

    New 16 oz Products! 

    Get everything you need to clean your home in one bundle! Plus, when you buy all 5 products, you save $5! 

    Bundle includes 16 oz bottles of:

    • All Purpose Cleaner
    • Glass & Window Cleaner
    • Enzyme Stain Treatment
    • Furniture Polish & Protect
    • Super Citrus Cleaner

    All Purpose Cleaner

    • Cleans any surface not harmed by water.
    • Ideal for use on tile floors, marble, terrazzo, and walls.
    • Rinsing is not required.
    • Will not film or streak as it cleans, brightens and deodorizes surfaces.
    • Outperforms traditional cleaners, other naturally derived cleaners, and homemade products

    Glass & Window Cleaner

    • Ammonia, soap and acid-free solvent cleaner that cleans glass without leaving film or streaks. 
    • Works on contact to remove fingerprints, soil, water spots, etc. with minimal wiping.
    • Leaves a monomolecular shield to resist rapid re-soiling. 

    Furniture Polish & Protect

    • Allows the natural beauty of the surface to shine through.
    • Works well on granite and marble countertops.
    • Natural clinging saves product waste.
    • Treated surfaces will resist resoiling and fingerprinting far longer than conventional polishes.
    • On stainless steel appliances reduces fingerprints and smudges.
    • Repels dust

    Enzyme Stain Treatment

    • A special blend of enzymes and detergents breaks down, deodorizes, digests and liquefies organic matter into their simple natural state.
    • Works on starches, blood, urine, feces, carbohydrates, fats, oils, greases, many wastes, odors, nicotine, and grass stains. 

    Super Citrus Cleaner

    • Can be used on appliances, grills, stovetops, fiberglass, tile, and grout
    • Works in both hot and cold water
    • Non-Toxic
    • All ingredients are biodegradable
    • Biodegrades into harmless natural elements without forming micro-toxins
    • Contains no hazardous ingredients as per OSHA regulations
    • Free of petroleum distillates, butyl ether, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, benzene, pine oil or strong acids
    • Free of all known or suspected carcinogens
    • Gray water safe, septic tank safe, biodegradable without effluent treatment process
    Cruelty Free
    •Contains no animal ingredients
    •Has not been tested on animals

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