“Beloved by all clients. I’m so happy with these products!” ~ Heron’s Nest Herb Farm, May 2017

“Extremely effective. I found them the most compatible with my field and desire for effective cleaners.” ~ Cheyene Stone, June 2017

“I have been a customer of Clean Environment Company for 22 years now. I was introduced to them by the City of Santa Monica, who had their product independently tested and did exactly what they were supposed to. I use many of their products in my home and office, in fact I don’t use anything else. All their products are exceptional and perform extremely well. I would recommend Clean Environment Company to anyone. Great products that save our environment, can’t beat that!!!!” ~ Gary Petersen, Environmental Problem Solving Enterprise; former member Greening of the White House Team; formerly Governor Schwarzenegger’s environmental appointee to the California Integrated Waste Management Board (now CalRecycle), August 2017

An act of vandalism inspired one woman to restore an Iowa icon – and led to a shining example of our sister company’s soy-based products in action: “Despite its storied history, the local Rainbow Bridge has long been a target for graffiti. Still, I kept thinking this latest act of vandalism had gone too far. I didn’t want to inflict more damage, though, in my attempt to clean up the mess.” – Darcy Maulsby

Read the rest of her story at: http://www.darcymaulsby.com/blog/soy-power-shines-at-historic-rainbow-bridge/

When a picture is worth 1000 words: our Carpet Extraction Cleaner: C-23 in action